ClickBank uses a system called IPN so send notifications that a sale has been made. IPN stands for Instant Payment Notification.

In your ClickBank account, there is a secret key that you paste into Listery so that only Listery can understand your IPN notifications.

In your ClickBank account, you also need to enter the URL where the IPNs should be sent.

To set or find your account's IPN secret key in ClickBank

Login to your ClickBank account.

Choose Settings then My Site from the top menu.

Scroll the the Advanced Tool section and click Edit. Enter a random secret key if there is not already one there. This can be a string of letters and numbers. Copy the secret key to your clipboard as the same key will need to be pasted into your Listery account.

In your Listery account, choose Payment Providers from the sidebar to add a new one or edit an existing one.

Select ClickBank from the Select Payment Provider dropdown. Enter a friendly name for this account and paste in the secret key you just copied from your ClickBank account.

Now save the connection. Copy the unique URL supplied by Listery as it now needs to go into ClickBank.

Go back to ClickBank and paste the unique URL you copied into the box under the secret key called Instant Notification URL. Click the Test IPN button to check the connection is working.

Now click Save Changes.

Your Listery and ClickBank accounts are connected. You can now add Payment Received events to Listery and run any number of actions for a subscriber who makes a ClickBank purchase.

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