JVZoo uses a system called JVZIPN so send notifications that a sale has been made. JVZIPN stands for JVZoo Instant Payment Notification.

In your JVZoo account, there is a secret key that you paste into Listery so that only Listery can understand your JVZIPN notifications.

In your JVZoo account, you also need to enter the URL where the JVZIPNs should be sent and this step need to be done for every product for which you wish JVZoo to send JVZIPNs to your Listery account.

To set or find your account's JVZIPN secret key in JVZoo

Login to your JVZoo account.

Choose My Account from the top menu and scroll to the Vendor Information section where you will see the JVZIPN secret key. Copy it to your clipboard because you will need to paste it into your Listery account.

In your Listery account, choose Payment Providers from the sidebar to add a new one or edit an existing one.

Select JVZoo from the Select Payment Provider dropdown. Enter a friendly name for this account and paste in the secret key you just copied from your JVZoo account.

Now save. Your Listery and JVZoo accounts are now connected.

Copy the unique URL supplied by Listery as it now needs to go into your JVZoo product settings. It's the unique URL at Listery where JVZoo must sent JVZIPNs when a sale occurs.

To tell your JVZoo account where to send JVZIPNs when a sale occurs

This needs to be done for each JVZoo product but you enter the same unique URL for each one.

In your JVZoo account, add a new product or edit an existing one.

In the product settings, scroll to the Advanced Settings and check the box marked Yes, Add an External Program Integration.

Under Method 1, in the box titled JVZIPN URL, paste in the unique URL supplied by Listery when you added this JVZoo account. 

Now scroll to the bottom and save the product settings.

JVZoo will now send JVZIPNs to your Listery account when a sale of this product occurs.

You need to repeat this step for each product that you wish to send JVZIPNs when a sale occurs. All products use the same unique URL from your Listery account so you just need to paste the URL into each product's settings as described above.

When complete, your Listery and JVZoo accounts are connected. You can now add Payment Received events to Listery and run any number of actions for a subscriber who makes a JVZoo purchase.

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