One of the best ways to boost your recurring commissions is to promote Listery with our two-click trial signup process.

By inserting a simple Powered by Listery link in all your marketing emails, two clicks is all it takes for a prospect to create a free trial account which they hopefully upgrade to a paid plan.

The Two-Click Trial Signup Workflow

The prospect sees your Powered by Listery link in an email you've sent them.


Now they're on your personal recommendation page where you personally recommend Listery to the prospect and invite them to sign up for their own free trial.

Their email address is already in the signup box so...


They now have their own free trial account and you're flagged as the referring affiliate. If they progress to a paid plan, your recurring commissions start.

Here's what your personal recommendation page would look like. Or click here for a non-working live example (opens in a new tab).

Automatically Insert Prospect Email Address In Trial Signup Form

If you are sending marketing emails from a provider that allows you to insert the recipient's email address then you can use this to pre-populate the signup form with that email address. Simply use the email address tag supplied by your email marketing provider.

For example, for AWeber, the recipient's email address can be inserted into an email using the tag {!email}. So your referral link would be:


(replace XXXXXXXX with your referral ID)

For MailChimp emails, the link would be:


When your prospect clicks that link in your email, their email address will automatically appear in the trial signup form.

Promotional Images You Can Use

Here are images you can use to promote Listery in your marketing emails. Right-click and save the image.

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