Every Listery account has a tracking pixel that you can install on all your web pages and blogs to track visitor activity whether those visitors are currently list subscribers or not.

Install your Listery tracking pixel as soon as you can so that data collection can begin.

Your Listery tracking pixel tracks the browsing history of all your web page and blog visitors even if they have not yet become subscribers to your lists.

When they subscribe, you can use their browsing history to target by interest they have previously shown.

Whether your visitor is a subscriber or not, you can also assign actions on visits to specific web pages so that you build up a profile for the visitor ahead of them becoming a list subscriber. When they browse as a non-subscriber, we don't yet know their email address but we can still score and value them or add tags to record interest. As soon as they join a list, all that previous knowledge is assigned to the new subscriber. You can hit the ground running in your targeting of the new subscriber.

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Add your Listery tracking pixel to all your web pages and blogs. Look for Install Tracking Pixel in the sidebar of your Listery account.

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