Listery is all about maximizing your subscriber value.

Traditional email marketing is becoming less effective. The vast increase in information overload is partly to blame.

As email marketers, we need new ways to work smarter so that our email content can reach hot prospects in an effective, targeted way.

As an email marketer, Listery helps you solve problems such as:

  • You have very little subscriber targeting information.
    Apart from (maybe) reading your emails or clicking links, you don't know what real interest your subscribers are showing or if they're even buying your products.

    In a nutshell, your email marketing service, your websites and blogs and your payment solutions don't share information amongst themselves that allow you to build a subscriber profile for effective targeting of sales, upsells and cross-sells.
  • You have no targeting data for non subscribers who join your list.
    Your websites and blogs have many visitors who are not yet on your list. You know nothing about them. When they join your list, you have no information to target them. The result? Money left on the table.
  • Your list could be running a loss and you wouldn't know.
    With no "link" between your subscribers and their purchases, you don't know if your list is profitable. It could be costing you more to acquire subscribers than you ever get back in profit.

    And, if you know how much profit, on average, you earn from a subscriber, that's pure marketing gold. Now you can scale subscriber acquisition and remain in profit.

All the features in your Listery account are designed to address these issues. They eliminate the costly guesswork of the past from your email marketing and allow you to target and time your efforts to the hottest prospects at exactly the right moment.

Listery is all about maximizing subscriber value. It's about making more profit from the subscribers you have . It's about tracking your website and blog visitors even before they become subscribers for greater, faster profits when they do become subscribers.

So, at Listery, that's what we're here to help you with - tracking and increasing the value of every subscriber on your list. We have been in the world of email marketing since 1999. All our experience from almost 2 decades at the forefront of email marketing can be found in Listery. We're excited to share it with you.

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